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When you drive a Jeep in Saint Paul, you’re part of the Jeep community. The Jeep easter eggs are numerous and vary across different models, so if you’re looking for Jeep Renegade easter eggs to show that you know your Jeep or Jeep Cherokee easter eggs to show off to your friends, we’re the people to help you find them! And if you’re on the hunt for a new Jeep, Fury Motors Saint Paul is the place to get it because of our excellent sales and service staff who are dedicated to your needs.

Jeep Easter Eggs in a Great Big List

  • Some Woodbury Jeeps will have a depicted scene of a T-rex chasing a Willys Jeep that’s chasing Bigfoot. You might also find a Willys Jeep on some roof latches or a T-rex skull molded into the floor mats.
  • A Jeep Liberty easter egg is a “JL” stamped under the hood. Below the L is the Morse code for the letters “JL.”
  • A Jeep Gladiator easter egg is a depiction of flip flops seen in the cowl. This references Rick Pewe, an automotive journalist.
  • Sometimes, you’ll find a topographical map of Moab, Utah on the gear shifter of certain vehicles.
  • Depictions of vintage Willys Jeeps can be found on Jeep Wrangler windows and on certain Jeep wheels.
  • A common Jeep Compass easter egg is an image of the Loch Ness Monster on the rear window, a tribute to how the Compass can ford up to 19 inches of water.
  • A Jeep easter egg that pays tribute to U.S. history is an American flag-shaped C-pillar vent in certain models.
  • A Jeep Renegade easter egg that pops up from time to time is a spider saying “Ciao, baby!” on the fueling door.
  • A cool Jeep Renegade easter egg is a paint splatter on the redline. This pays tribute to how a Jeep vice president of interior design had their goggles after a staff paintball game.
  • Jeep Gladiator owners can occasionally find the number “419” engraved into the rear, which is the area code of Toledo, Ohio. That’s where the Gladiator is manufactured!
  • Exceptionally lucky drivers will find a rare Jeep easter egg: a lizard hiding under the windshield wipers of their Jeep!

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